Celebrate World Chocolate Day with a scrumptious choc-chic recipe from CHEFS!

World Chocolate Day is upon us! And while eating chocolate requires no excuse, a whole day of it certainly is a big treat! 7 July marks the date – why not celebrate by indulging in all your favourite chocolatey treats!
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Immune Boosting Chicken Soup

The ‘magical’ immune-boosting benefits of this chicken soup include a number of wonderful benifits and is a must try for this winter.
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Pump-kinG Cheesecake by J’Something Inspires for the LANCEWOOD® 2018 Cake-Off®

Not only did J’Something share his specially developed recipe with us, but he also let us in on some top tips for checking whether your ingredients are fresh. “Checking the best-before dates of all of your ingredients is key to a successful bake. Baking powder can be checked by adding boiling water to a tester amount– if it bubbles, it’s fresh! Try placing eggs in a bowl of cold water. If they’re fresh then they will sink, but if they’ve passed their prime they will bob around or float,” says J’Something.
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Healthy eating made easy, tasty in a demanding lifestyle

Eating for health, no matter what the goal, need not be extreme, costly or painstaking says dietitian Dr Christa North; arguing instead that it is possible to easily prepare and enjoy nutritious, flavoursome meals with her recipe book series “Eat your way to a healthy weight!”.
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Have the whole family bursting with wellbeing this winter!

No need to fight at the dinner table over kale and other greens, Moringa is a 100% natural superfood that is easy to take and far surpasses the nutrient count in the vegetables on your dinner plate.
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Celebrate World Baking day with this easy Fudge Recipe

17 May 2018 is a magical day in the world of baking, so it comes as no surprise that it’s been named the official World Baking Day – and we cannot be more excited!
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Brilliant books for the enthusiastic home cook

Hungry? Since we found this trio of exceptional cookbooks you just can’t keep us out of the kitchen.
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Delicious Wonderbag recipes to keep your family warm this winter

In the words of the popular TV series, Game of Thrones….Winter is coming! Fortunately it’s not all doom and gloom because it gives us the perfect excuse to enjoy some of our favourite winter warmer recipes using the revolutionary Wonderbag.
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Kitchen Crushes

Chefs reveal mum’s influences.
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Into the Wild with Francoise Anthony
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