No fuss summer cooking

There’s nothing as nice as no-sweat entertaining when it comes to summer get-togethers. Instead of course after course of fussy foods, why not attempt a casual approach with some easy appetisers, tasty teasers and healthy helpings you can knock together in advance or prepare on the day without being stuck in the kitchen for hours.
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Something new on your burger bun

Most of us love the idea of a burger, no matter what our food preference is, and burgers are certainly not for meat eaters alone. For those who are health conscious or don’t eat meat, why not add this Pouyoukas recipe of spicy lentil burgers to your burger night as an extra option.
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Reinventing the sarmie

Okay, so we know a killer sandwich doesn’t need a ton of ingredients or professional culinary skills, but…. it doesn’t hurt us to go a little wild sometimes and create a mouth-watering whopper, especially if you are sharing! All you need are few classic ingredients, a little creativity and the willingness to execute it like a MasterChef.
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Espresso Layered Authentic Tiramisu

We would love to share this incredibly delicious Tiramisu recipe with you, just in time for the weekend!
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A simple but revolutionary non-electric, portable slow cooker.

Launched in 2008, Wonderbag is the brainchild of South African entrepreneur, Sarah Collins. Originally created to ease the impact of health, socioeconomic and environmental problems facing Africa and developing countries, the Wonderbag was intended to empower rural women and improve their quality of life by drastically reducing the time they spent cooking and collecting firewood and water. Now, with more than a million Wonderbags having been subsidized and sold across the globe, this ingenious cooking tool is changing the lives of not only rural African women, but all people around the world.
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World Vegetarian Day

Plant-based dining is on the rise globally, and with so many sumptuous dishes on the meat-free menu, it’s no wonder! 1 October is World Vegetarian Day and what better way to celebrate than with a trendy recipe from CHEFS Cape Town?
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Add a hint of African tradition to Braai Day

Vivacious Durban besties Tee and Minnie had foodie fans on the edge of their chairs during their stint on the second season of Mnet’s cooking competition, My Kitchen Rules South Africa. Ahead of National Braai Day, we joined them in the kitchen to get their take on how to braai like a seasoned South African.
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Fruit-driven palate pleasers

From feel-good gluggers and fine wines to cheeky everyday quaffers and frosty frosé, we know you’ll have a great time popping the corks or twisting the caps off these bottled springtime delights.
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Moreish pies

From flaky crusts and fruity centres, to crispy, golden baked dishes with generous, moreish fillings, the humble pie is the kind of comfort food that promises a savoury start or a sweet ending to any meal. From old family hand-me-downs to healthy, healing recipes, some of our local pie lovers share their favourites.
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