Avos: versatile, vibrant and valuable

‘Value’ is the new consumer buzzword. Think multipurpose products that do more than one job; time-savers that offer added convenience; and health-conscious products that are not only practical, but good for you too. Yup, value is the next big thing, and it’s in demand by consumers the world over who want more from their everyday necessities. Good thing then that the local avo season has just kicked off. Why? Because these green bundles of joy tick all these boxes to provide the ultimate in value.
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More mac ‘n cheese, if you please!

Every family has their ‘menu’ of must-haves, whether it’s your sister’s winning malva pudding recipe, the bobotie dish your aunt prepares for family reunions, or hunger busting pap and wors you’ve enjoyed braai side with loved ones.
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Easy-Peasy banana pancakes

Need an activity for the kids during the school holidays? Why not turn breakfast into the event of the day?
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Red wine and comfort food, a roadtrip adventure

For the better part of the year (especially in sunny Durbs), winter is this mythical thing, much like the Lochness Monster. But on rare occasions we find ourselves hauling out our winter woollies and craving some hearty, warming comfort food. We set off on a culinary road trip with wine consultant, Jan-Nico Coetzee, to uncover some of the best places to eat beautiful food and drink glorious wine.
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Braai Marinade Hack: Yoghurt and Meat

Let us introduce to you one of the most useful kitchen tips you’ll ever use: yoghurt-based marinades.
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Fish BraaiI? Don’t mind if we do……

The South African Healthy Eating Guidelines place huge importance on fish intake, recommending at least 2-3 portions per week!
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Sip Your Way into April with our Monkey Jam Cocktail

The temperature is dropped and the sun is dimming, Autumn is surely undeway. Brave the chilly, end of summer weather with Monkey Shoulder’s cocktail of the month.
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A chocolate brownie for the Sugar-Shy

Meet the ultimate chocolate brownie that isn’t filled with sugar but will hit the spot for those with even the sweetest tooth…
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Make veggies the star on your plate

Whether you’re trying to reduce calories or pennies or just love living life the vegetarian way, there are loads of meat-free meals that deliver a delicious eating experience without skimping on colour or flavour. Here are some awesome meatless meals that will have you swooning.
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Steenberg Nebbiolo expresses sense of place with Italian flair

Italian nobility with a sense of place firmly rooted in the Steenberg terroir is the crux of the 2014 vintage of Steenberg Nebbiolo.
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Durban Get It Magazine – May 2017

Lovely Lisanne, the beauty with a heart
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