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Out with the old …

Out with the old …

Sadly, cosmetics have an expiration date and for good reason. Your favourite products could be the cause of skin breakouts or allergies. If you can’t remember when you purchased your products, because it’s been that long, it’s time to clean out your much-loved makeup kit.

The experts at Hannon share some useful guidelines to consider when it’s time to let your makeup go:

Liquid Foundation

Your breakouts could be caused by an expired foundation. You should be able to get a good 6 – 8 months out of your base. However, if your liquid becomes lumpy, causes redness or gets really thick, toss it! This could be the main cause of acne or skin sensitivity.


Blush can last you up to a year if you store it correctly. Keep it in a cool, dry place to prevent colour loss . Worse, excess moisture can cause bacteria to grow. Blushes tend to carry loads of bacteria, especially if you don’t wash your blush brush often enough.


Beauty gurus throw their mascara away after 3 months. This is because our eyelashes carry bacteria, which gets transferred from our eye to our mascara wand. Most people use theirs until they get dry or super clumpy but it’s best to let it go before you put yourself at risk of an eye infection, especially if you share your mascara with all the gals.

Eye Shadow

Powdered eye-shadow can last for up to 2 years! If your eyes are sensitive or you’re afraid of infection, you might want to get a few new shadows every 6 months. You’ll know your shadow is on its way out when the texture starts to break and become flaky.


The risk of bacteria getting into your lipstick is low because lipstick doesn’t contain water. However, the essential oils and vitamins in your favourite lippie do start to break down after a year.

It’s recommended that you replace lipstick or gloss every 2 years.


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