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August in the garden

August in the garden

This month, we’re planting… Russian sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia) ‘Blue Steel’.

Even though the soccer world cup is over, we can still celebrate all things Russian, with this gorgeous perennial that carries clouds of small lavender-blue flowers above aromatic, silvery foliage. ‘Blue Steel’ is a summer to autumn flowering perennial that is heat and drought tolerant. It’s quite compact in its first year (45 – 60cm high) and then develops into a showy 97cm high plant in its second year. Cut back plants in spring to encourage strong new growth.


For patio and outdoor living:

Schizanthus ‘Atlantis’ may be called the ‘poor man’s orchid’ but that doesn’t mean it isn’t any less beautiful. With flowers resembling orchids, it has earned its name for being an easy-to-grow indoor or outdoor plant. It flowers non-stop during the cooler months, and if grown indoors needs bright, indirect light and regular watering. Be careful of over or under-watering and don’t let the plant pot sit in water. Feed twice a month with a liquid plant food to extend the flowering period. Being compact and bushy (20cm high and wide) it is attractive as a table arrangement. If later planted into the garden, it will do best in fertile, compost-rich soil in semi-shade.

For more information visit www.ballstraathof.co.za or contact 011 794 2316

Schizanthus ‘Atlantis’


Garden tasks for August

 Keep winter annuals flowering by feeding them with a liquid fertiliser like Margaret Roberts Organic Supercharger every two weeks.

 Keep watering spring bulbs and remove the dead flowers.

 Get ready for spring planting by adding compost to the flower beds and working it into the top 30cm of top soil.

 Trim and tidy up groundcovers, cutting them back a bit to get rid of any stalky growth.

 Scarify lawns that have a dense thatch of undergrowth. Rake the lawn to remove the thatch, then cut it down low with a lawn mower. Water well. Don’t fertilise until it starts to grow.

 Control snails with an organic snail bait like Ferramol, use a snail trap or put down saucers of beer that attract and drown the snails.


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