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Rescue your skin this winter

Rescue your skin this winter

When we combine cold weather, icy winds, low humidity and indoor heating we are left with dry, sensitised and often irritated, red skin. The winter season can be challenging, in terms of the harsher weather and how it can negatively impact our skin, hence why it is essential to include a Hydrating Mask into your homecare routine.

Your skin is a living organ, and even though it is your biggest organ it is unfortunately the last to receive nourishment from the inside, often leaving the barrier function of the skin impaired. A Hydrating Mask 2-3 times per week delivers very active ingredients to the upper layers of the skin, keeping the barrier intact, the texture even and glowing as well as giving the skin an extra boost.

Professional skincare therapist and expert advisor to local skincare brand , Jo Snyckers highly recommends a Hydrating Mask which contains anti-inflammatory and gentle ingredients with Vitamin E. A personal favourite would be Naturals Beauty Hydrating Masque which consists of anti-inflammatory rooibos, balancing baobab, Rose geranium and soothing chamomile as well as Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin E.

Since we can’t control the weather forecast – help restore and regenerate your thirsty skin by incorporating a face mask to your skincare routine, ensuring a beautiful glow all winter long.

10 Tips to Combat Dry Skin This Winter

Change your cleanser – if you notice that your skin is becoming sensitive and dry in the winter months, consider using a gentle cleansing milk or cream instead of gels as these can sometimes dehydrate the skin.

Exfoliate your skin – gently removing a build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin will allow the skin to absorb moisturising ingredients and restore your skin’s natural barrier function.

Hydrate overnight – using super hydrating serums and creams at night will comfort the skin and encourage a healthy, glowing skin.

Use a hydrating face mask – the active ingredients contained in a good quality hydrating mask will give your Winter skin the boost it needs twice or even three times a week.

Sunscreen – it is vital to remember that we need to protect our skin from harmful UV rays everyday even when it is grey and cold outside – all light sources contain UV rays.

Wash the skin with lukewarm water – not hot – and immediately moisturise once your skin is dry – also pat the skin don’t rub with a soft, clean towel.

Include a serum to give the skin an extra boost – I use an oil based serum such as the Naturals Beauty Anti-Ageing Serum with certified organic rose hip oil which gives my skin what it needs and more.

Dry Body Brushing – brushing the skin daily is an incredible practice for many reasons: it exfoliates, it starts your lymphatic system, it increases circulation and it warms you up – skin is visibly glowing and toned after regular, consistent body brushing.

We tend to forget about our bodies when it is cold outside – our skin is our biggest organ and needs to be treated top to toe – I use the Naturals Beauty Vanilla Body Butter at least once a day, leaving my skin nourished with a great scent too.

Have at least one full body massage and facial treatment per month – not only will this keep your skin comfortable and hydrated but will greatly enhance your sense of well-being from the inside out.


The face behind the Naturals Beauty brand

Tanya du Bois (41), mother of two, wife and start up entrepreneur is a diplomatic, quirky, yet very determined businesswoman who founded Naturals Beauty – a local, affordable and quality skin & body care brand.

Born in Johannesburg but raised in Cape Town, Tanya always dreamed of becoming a professional dancer whilst growing up, which led her to her training as a dance teacher. She then made a shift in her career and started working in television, where she worked in various departments for ETV over her 8 years there.

After Tanya’s son was diagnosed with Autism in 2007, she did extensive research in order to scour the market for natural alternatives for her family and during her search became aware of the harmful ingredients found in commercial skin and body care products. With no past experience in beauty or skincare, she decided to venture into the unknown and start her very own bath & body care range.

Initially, Tanya made a small range of products herself by using a DIY recipe book that she received from her grandmother for natural homemade skin and body care products from the 30’s. In 2008, Tanya spent a year searching for an ethical and honest contract manufacturer with a vast experience with natural and organic ingredients – she found her match and together they started producing a sophisticated botanical skincare range that was affordable to all South Africans.

Free of any parabens, petrochemicals and other synthetic ingredients, including being gluten and animal cruelty free; Naturals Beauty believes every South African is looking to move over to better, safer options for themselves and their kids. “Our products not only use many organic ingredients, but are locally made using the highest quality natural ingredients sourced within Africa,” explains Tanya.

According to Tanya, her proudest moment since starting Naturals Beauty is launching a new product. The many hours spent on research, development, trials, and label designs become rewarding as soon as it makes its way onto shelves – “I am elated every time I walk past my products in stores!”

Tanya spends most of her days involved with direct sales, sourcing new business opportunities, overseeing production, and sourcing new suppliers – “ I pretty much have my hand in every aspect of the business, all while picking my kids up from school and extra mural activities in between!”

To find a balance between being an entrepreneur and mother is not an easy feat Tanya admits, “As much as making a success of my business is a priority, so are my kids. I’m able to have more flexible work hours but this often means catching up in the evenings with a late night here and there.”

When asked what is next for Naturals Beauty, Tanya stated that she hopes to secure excellent national distribution for their ranges over the next year, so that the brand may continue to add to the quality of life of all South Africans.

“To all the aspiring entrepreneurs, don’t overcapitalise when you start out. Allow your business to grow organically and expand as and when you can afford it” – Tanya du Bois, owner and founder.


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