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All smiles as Samantha settles in at Nexia SAB&T

All smiles as Samantha settles in at Nexia SAB&T

Samantha Cheesman has found a new home at Nexia Levitt Kirson, a company which has a growth trajectory similar to her own which can only be described as on the rise.

Well known in the Durban business world and having worked both abroad and locally, both on and in businesses as an adviser and a businessperson, Sam is hitching her dream to a star joining Nexia Levitt Kirson in its Derby Downs, Durban office.

The accounting firm, in which she will soon become a junior partner, was recently honoured to have four nominees in the hotly contested Accounting Professional of the Year 2018.

Sam, who says she chose Nexia Levitt Kirson because it offers her opportunities for personal career growth, as well as chances to help a wide variety of clients drawing on her own experience and particular pride and joy of helping nurture smaller businesses to their full potential.

“I have been on both sides of business, and this helps me know exactly what my clients need, as I understand where they are coming from,” she explained. “Nexia Levitt Kirson deals with all sizes and kinds of businesses.”

If you are starting up and need to know where to begin, Samantha and Nexia Levitt Kirson are just the right company to hold your hand through the processes needed to get everything right.  The company is celebrating 29 years of offering services to clients.

With a staffing complement of over 60, showing significant growth, the company, like Samantha, is on the rise.  Nexia Levitt Kirson has a sense of positive enthusiasm which is infectious. All businesses are in good hands, regardless of their size.

“If you are very big, we can handle your business capably,” said Samantha. “However, if you are still a small business, that is my passion!”


So Sam’s details are:



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