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April in the garden

April in the garden

This month we’re planting…

Agastache ‘Arizona Sandstone’ that produces masses of terracotta-orange edible, mint-scented flowers that birds and butterflies also love. The plant is compact, useful for containers, or planted with other perennials in the garden. It looks good combined with dark red or bronze-leaved plants. It is drought tolerant, grows in full sun, in normal to sandy soil that drains well. It survives frost in sheltered gardens but in very cold areas is best treated as an annual. Sprinkle the flowers into salads and desserts.

Indoor plant… Peperomia ‘Happy Beans’ are compact growers, great for desk tops, kitchen counters and even the kid’s rooms. The leaves look like a cross between sugar-snap peas and green beans, so the kids can have their greens but not have to eat them! Yippee. Easy to grow, they like good indirect light, moderate watering (let the soil dry out between watering) and trim them to keep in shape.


Garden tasks for April

  • Rake up fallen leaves and make compost with them
  • Sow Namaqualand daises, and plant spring bulbs and winter and spring annuals; calendula, pansies, violas, primulas, Iceland poppies, bellis perennis.
  • Divide overcrowded perennials once they stop flowering. They will settle in and be ready to flower again in spring.
  • Fertilise azaleas, camellias and other spring flowering shrubs with Vigorosa and water well afterwards.
  • Mow lawns once a week and fertilise with 5:1:5: or Vigorosa once more before winter.
  • In summer rainfall areas sow broad beans, carrots, leeks, lettuce, parsnips, peas, radish, Swiss chard and turnips. In winter rainfall areas this list can be extended to include beetroot, cabbage, celery, and onions.


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