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Travel inspiring decor

Travel inspiring decor

Travel has a way of broadening your horizons and introducing you to new cultures in faraway places with their signature architecture, décor, colours and art. It’s natural to want to bring a little of your exotic experience home with you. Instead of adding a few touristy souvenirs to a room, try recreating the ambiance of your holiday destination in your home.

Across the globe, interior designers embrace international cultures and styles, weaving them into homes with clever combinations of texture, colour and key furniture pieces, all with the aim of evoking the spirit of a particular destination.

If you’re planning a holiday in Greece and the Mediterranean, look out for local textiles and traditional ceramics that are easy enough to pack into your luggage or can be shipped back home. These can be used to recreate the look and feel in your own home and give it an authentic personal touch.

Greek style is all about light, space and contrast, with crisp, white walls and floors highlighting accents of azure and natural wood. These combinations bring to mind the traditional whitewashed houses on stony, sun-drenched hillsides overlooking sparking seas. Designers suggest keeping clean, simple lines, and avoiding unnecessary details like elaborate cornices or skirtings. Painted concrete floors and handwoven rugs and throws work well, as do sheer curtains and white-painted wooden shutters.

French Country

French country décor has gained popularity over recent years and the demand for French-inspired furniture and accessories has grown.  It is not uncommon to find French-inspired pre-loved items of various shapes and detail tucked away in local speciality and antique shops.  Look for rustic simplicity with tell-tale distressed finishes that imply a long history of daily use and love.

The key to achieving a French country feel in your own home is not to shy away from being proudly eclectic. This style is all about mismatched collections that look as though they have been collected over time. Paint walls in muted shades of cream, pastel or grey with matt wood or stone floors and raw wood or painted furniture.  Add to these touches of lavender and sage with shiny copper to add an earthy colour and shine. Use soft, delicate furnishings in printed linen, cotton and twine for simple elegance.

If you find yourself in Provence, look out for accessories in beautiful olive wood that you can add to your décor.


As a holiday destination, Mexico is vibrant and colourful and the people are warm and passionate. The place just oozes inspiration for bold exotic home décor ideas that feature bright contrasting colours in fascinating combinations.  If you can, invest in one of the gorgeous handmade rugs that capture the vibrant colourful spirit of the place. Not only will it be a stunning reminder of your holiday, it will also add warmth and vibrancy to your home.

For some Mexican sophistication in your home, pair rich colours like teal, deep red and brilliant green. Use one or two bold colours on the walls and introduce the rest via gorgeous rugs, vases, traditional artwork, cushions and colourful throws.   Keep finishes rustic, with raw wood and leather accents and add texture with fabrics and embroidered designs

African Safari

Let’s face it, we live in an incredible country and are lucky enough to be able to source stunning African designer décor that has tourists and international designers drooling. Don’t think animal-print and stuffed wildlife, the modern safari design roars sophistication and understated elegance. Let your imagination soar free with earthy tones that showcase clay reds and soil browns against sun-bleached whites and dry-grass gold. Think texture with polished wood, coir rope and beaten copper. Add rustic ceramic and abstract ceramics, handwoven baskets, carvings or gorgeous African landscape photographic prints for a luxurious safari feel.



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