#MeToo: A Documentary

#MeToo: A Documentary

The Victoras Pictures team are looking for people to interview, funding and companies to partner with on a global campaign called #MeToo: A Documentary, a documentary that delves deeper into the global #MeToo movement and explores the victims and perpetrators stories as well as discover the physical and emotional ramifications.

“#MeToo: A documentary (working title) investigates the origins, stories and following of the #MeToo movement. We expose why these perpetrators do what they do and what the long term effects are on these victims. Reenactments will allow the audience to connect on an emotional level to some of the cases that we investigate. The stories and interviews we dive into are with reputable psychiatrists, psychologists, medical professionals, victims and family members and prominent members of our society. We as a society need to support a movement that creates change and brings about justice. We need to give a voice to those who are not being heard.”



The team will be interviewing:

  • Members of the public
  • Perpetrators
  • Family Members
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Road side Voxies
  • Prominent members of our society


Celebrities showing their support:

  • Phumzile Van Damme – DA National Spokesperson
  • Catherine Grenfell – Past 5fm DJ
  • Judy Ditchfield – Actress
  • Karin Van Der Laag – Actress
  • Helen Desbois – Radio DJ and Musician
  • Rosie Motene – Public Figure and Actress
  • Nathan Ro – Musician and Actor
  • Irit Noble – Actress and Singer
  • Emmanuel Castis – Actor
  • Linda Mtoba – Actress
  • Jack Devnarain – Actor
  • Jennifer Ferguson – Singer and Political Activist



  • #MeToo first hand stories
  • Stories from family members
  • We hear from prominent members of society on their views of the subject and movement
  • Stories in the media both locally and abroad
  • Physical, emotional and neurological effects
  • Health and Relationship effects
  • Long term effects
  • Justice and Injustice
  • Legislation outline. Can the legislation be changed?
  • We revisit and reenact previous stories and cases



  1. What is the history of the #MeToo movement and what prompted the recent increased support for the movement?
  2. What is your #MeToo story and how has this affected you as a person?
  3. What are the emotional, physical and neurological effects?
  4. What do we need to do as a society or how are you supporting the cause?
  5. What do we as the public help to get the legislation changed?
  6. What are the long term effects?
  7. Did you or were you able to speak out about your experience?
  8. What is the law surrounding sexual abuse or harassment?



The Victoras Pictures team are passionate and dedicated to producing this documentary to help both spread awareness and uncover the deeper underlying issues. We are asking the public and companies to help us make this project a success.

We are looking for financial, service or equipment donations to assist us with:

  1. Completeing pre-production
  2. Crew
  3. Equipment
  4. Cast
  5. Minimal Props
  6. Post production
  7. Promotion




All companies and donors will be thanked and credited either with names or company logos. Larger donors will be listed as co-producers and featured as “Brought to you by…” Any financial or service donations, large or small will be an elation to the team.


Previous article on how Chester Bennington inspired part of this documentary:



Crowdfunding Campaign:




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