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Create a Floral Masterpiece: An Orchid In A Glass Vase

Create a Floral Masterpiece: An Orchid In A Glass Vase

A beautiful saying by Vincent Van Gogh, “If you truly love nature, you will see beauty everywhere.” There’s something magical about fresh flowers and I love having their myriad of colours and textures bring charm to my home. I’m an orchid lover – they’re such delicate, beautiful plants and together with their rich green leaves and striking flowers, they make a stunning floral work of art. I recently purchased an eye catching glass vase and decided to re-pot one of my orchids into it to give it a different look. The result was superb and my orchid is thriving! If you’d like to create your own orchid in a glass vase, simply follow these steps.

You will need a glass vase, stones/ pebbles or polished rocks, sphagnum moss, orchid bark chips, an orchid plant and water.


Step 1 – Prepare your glass vase or container by washing with mild soap and water and allowing to air dry – wiping with a cloth leaves residue on the glass and you want it to be crystal clear (just so everyone can really admire your work of art!)

Step 2 – Place the stones, pebbles or polished rocks at the bottom of the vase. You will need enough to fill half of the vase. I used a combination of store bought polished rocks together with a collection of small, flat and rounded pebbles that I picked off the beach. (Tip – you can find a host of various sizes of pebbles on the beach at low tide – take a bucket along and then rinse off with water when you get home and allow to dry.)

Step 3 – Add your orchid bark on top of your layer of pebbles. Add enough so that the vase is now ¾ full.

Step  4– Gently remove your orchid from its plastic pot. I’ve used a purple phalaenopsis orchid. Remove the stakes and keep aside as you can re-use these to stake them when they are in the glass vase. Be careful to not disturb the roots when removing the plant from its pot. Gently shake off the medium it was potted in.

Step 5 – Using your sphagnum moss, wrap the base of your orchid and its roots with this. You can choose to wet your sphagnum moss before use if it makes it easier for you to complete this step.

Step 6 – Place your orchid plant in the centre of the glass vase. Using one hand, hold the plant in place while you add more bark around it to secure into an upright position. Fill it to the rim of your vase. Stake your orchid spikes in place to secure them as well as create a lovely cascade of its blooms.

Step 7 – Add more sphagnum moss around the orchid plant and over the top layer of bark. Lastly, pour in water until it fills the bottom of the vase and covers the pebbles. Be careful not to add too much water as your orchid roots should never sit in water – the sphagnum moss will absorb water as needed for the plant. You can water your orchid again when you notice the water level decrease – this will usually take about 5 weeks. Remember to place it in a well lit area but away from direct sunlight.

Enjoy your delightful orchid masterpiece and happy blooming!





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