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Top tips to designing a kitchen you love

Top tips to designing a kitchen you love

A badly laid out kitchen is not only awkward to work in; it can be dangerous too. Silvia Miles, owner and designer of Milestone Kitchens, shares her top tips for creating the ideal kitchen for you and your loved ones.
  1. Ensure a smooth workflow
    The three key elements in any kitchen are the stove, the sink and the fridge. These focal points generate the most activity in a kitchen, so by simply placing these in a compact triangular arrangement, you will ensure an easy workflow, which decreases accidents and frustration in the kitchen.

  2. Maximise storage and surface area
    Once you have planned your workflow triangle, you need to ensure that you have enough space for food preparation and storage. Allocate surface working areas near the stove, and ensure you have enough storage space for cutlery, crockery, utensils, pots and pans, as well as for pantry ingredients.

    Think about how you use your kitchen, and plan accordingly. For example, things that are used frequently, such as breakfast bowls and side plates, are best in a wall cabinet so that you don’t have constantly to bend down to access them.

  3. Add your personal touch
    Don’t be afraid to make the space your own. Forget stock-standard, wall-to-floor cabinetry, there are many creative ways to add your personality to the space. From adding colour to your units and utilising decorative tiles as splash-backs, to bringing in creative storage solutions and adding different textures to your surface areas, you can design a practical kitchen that reflects your personality.
  4. Space it out
    People often buy too many units. Buy less than you think you need and you can always add on later. Be careful of wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor units, as they can be oppressive and claustrophobic.
  5. Freestanding flexibility
    Freestanding kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, with good reason. They allow greater flexibility and freedom when laying out a kitchen as you can easily change the position of the various kitchen elements when the mood takes you or necessity demands. You can also build your kitchen according to your budget…adding to your design when you are able to.

A thoughtful approach to planning your kitchen will help you create a pleasant and safe workspace that you will want to spend time in. Your family and friends will enjoy it too.

For more tips, tricks and design ideas from Silvia Miles of Milestone Kitchens, visit www.milestonekitchens.co.za


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