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7 Travel Must-Haves to Hang on to

7 Travel Must-Haves to Hang on to

Now that the blossoms are out, the weather is warmer and spring is firmly here, you may have been hit by a fit of spring cleaning. And while this is a wonderful opportunity to pass on items that no longer serve you there are certain things, particularly when it comes to travel, that it’s worth hanging on to.

Here are seven travel-related items it’s always worth keeping:


  1. Your passport holder

If you’re a frequent international traveler, you’ll know how important taking care of your passport is. Losing it or damaging it can be detrimental to your plans and cause a huge amount of stress! That’s why protecting it with a passport holder is such a great idea, so don’t be tempted to get rid of unnecessary bulk and throw your passport holder away. This little piece of leather or plastic can protect your passport from slight water damage and dirt, keeping it pristine and safe, and your travelling plans intact.


  1. Earplugs & an eye mask

There are ear plugs and then there are…ear plugs. Meaning that they’re not always created equally! So, when you find a pair that mold to your particular ears comfortably and effectively, it’s worth holding on to them. These are generally items that can get a little germy so make sure you give them a wipe down and then store them somewhere hygienic like in a clean envelope that’s clearly labelled. The same goes for eye masks: if you find a soft one that completely blocks out the light and stays on your head, hold on to it and reuse it. Both earplugs and eye masks are not only useful for flights but also for noisy hotel rooms, bus journeys and layovers in airports.


  1. Transparent toiletry bag

With airport security being what it is lately, you should certainly hold on to that handy transparent toiletry bag or container that you use to store your mini toiletries in. It’s easier to prepack your small liquids into your own bag before going through security, rather than having to move and decant items when you get there. Plus a watertight toiletry bag will also protect your other valuable items in your hand luggage from getting spoiled by any leakages. And while we’re on the topic of toiletries, it also helps to hold on to any small containers to store things like face wash, moisturizer or shampoo inside.


  1. Torch

Even if you’re not a fan of camping, you never know when you’ll need a torch! Maybe it’s a dimly lit pathway back to your hotel room, or a power outage in a foreign city? Buy a good quality torch and hold on to it, because there’s sure to be many uses for it in its lifetime.


  1. Padlocks

From locking up your suitcase to dispel any thieves, to securing your backpack to your bed in a hostel, to even locking your own room if you’re staying in a less salubrious hotel room – padlocks have multiple uses. Don’t chuck them out!


  1. Your plug adaptor

You may wince at your bank balance and imagine you’re never travelling abroad again but don’t be tempted to throw away that international adaptor! These are expensive to replace (and not that large to store), so hold on to them because you never know when they may come in handy.


  1. Your photos

Maybe it was a trip to Paris with an ex-boyfriend, or a disastrous Christmas one year with your family? While it may be tempting to chuck out those old-school printed photos or move any digital images to your Trash Can folder, we’re waving our hands in the air and saying STOP! Travel memories are some of the most precious parts of our lives, and although you may not look back on them now with fondness, there are lessons to learn from each experience. Yes no one wants 45 blurry shots of you in front of the Eiffel Tower so choose a couple of the best ones, keep them safe (back them up on a hard drive if they’re digital) and then bin the rest. You’ll look on them one day with fondness (when those times are long gone).

So there you have it, some travel essentials not to chuck out when you’re spring cleaning. Does all that talk of travel get you thinking about your next trip? Through their rewards program Sanlam Reality, Fedhealth provides some great discounts on flights and accommodation, so you can save money when the travel bug bites.



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