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August in the Garden

August in the Garden

We’re planting… Ranunculus ‘Maché Mix’. If you missed the spring bulb planting deadline and now wish you had some spring colour, look out for the potted Ranunculus ‘Maché mix’. The orange, yellow and scarlet flowers stand out against the dark green foliage. This container grown variety likes partial sun, regular watering and can also be kept indoors in good light. Plants grow 30cm high and 25cm wide.

Patio plant of the month… fuchsias are another spring flowering favourite that you can start indoors; because it is still too cold and frosty for them outside. They are easy indoor plants that like filtered or dappled sunshine. Keep the soil evenly moist because they don’t like wet feet. Once it gets warmer, fuchsias thrive outdoors in a shady spot or one that receives morning sun.

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Garden tasks for August

Increase watering to once a week for most plants and even twice a week for spring flowering bulbs.

Trim and tidy up groundcovers, cutting them back a bit to get rid of any stalky growth.


Fertilise trees, shrubs, perennials and creepers, followed by a thorough watering. Enrich the soil by digging in compost as deeply as possible. Shrubs can be shaped and dead or straggly growth removed.

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Lawns are ready for their spring treatment.

  • Kikuyu, LM or Kweek can be scarified if there is a mat of thatchy, brown undergrowth. Use a steel rake to remove the dead growth. Then, cut it down as low as the lawn mower will go. Apply a lawn fertiliser (5:1:5) and water it in well.
  • Cool season grasses like Shade Master, Kirchhoffs Evergreen, All Seasons Evergreen, Shade Over, and Kentucky Blue just need to be fertilised with lawn fertiliser at the end of August and watered well.
  • If necessary top dressing can applied to Kikuyu lawn if the lawn is uneven and needs to be levelled. Cool season lawns and LM should not be top dressed, because the soil on top of the crown will kill it.


Give deciduous fruit trees an application of 3:1:5 or 5:1:5 fertiliser and start watering more regularly.


A new online store you’ll dig!

Gardening guru Tanya Visser recently launched an online shop that caters for all gardening enthusiasts. If you are just a budding gardener starting out or an old oak at gardening looking to expand your collection of gardening tools and accessories, www.tanyavisser.com has a wide range of essential tools for you. From gardening tools you’ll dig to beautiful gifts for the gardener in your life and nifty DIY kits, you can find just what your green fingers desire. Tanya proudly endorses the Moulton Mill collection – a beautifully crafted and traditionally styled premium garden tool range that carries a 15 year guarantee. Pictured from left to right are the Moulton Mill Stainless Steel Border Fork (R185), Hand Trowel (R185) and Potting Scoop (R320).
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A good gardening read…

Succulents for water wise gardening … here’s the book you need to read! From the towering, 20m tall baobab to miniature soil huggers just a few millimetres high, South Africa is home to a magnificent and diverse range of succulents. Field Guide to Succulents in Southern Africa is a user-friendly, comprehensive, and richly illustrated guide, featuring more than 700 succulents. Focusing on the most interesting and common, this guide is more than just an ID guide… it will be enormously helpful and inspirational for those who are turning to indigenous, low-maintenance and water wise gardens. Struik, R350.


Durban Get It Magazine – August 2017

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Autostyle Motorshow 2017

The 14th edition of the Autostyle Motor show is back. Please save the date Sunday 17 September 2017.


Giveaway- a night of hilarious stand-up comedy entertainment at Butler’s Restaurant in Hillcrest

Win 4 Tickets to a Stand-up Comedy Night! …proudly brought to you by On Fire Comedy, Savanna Cider and East Coast Radio! Date: Saturday 02 September 2017 Venue: Butler’s Restaurant (24 Old Main Rd, Hillcrest) Start time: 8:30pm Closing Date: 30th August


8-TREK: The economical all-purpose ointment

8-Trek has grown in popularity and now it is available in two sizes, the small 25ml for bags and travel and a bigger 50ml tube which is for the home.


Luxurious, chocolaty secrets

Don’t like dark chocolate because of its bitter taste? We’ve got just the right fix for you… Lindt’s Excellence Mild 70%.


Paisleys & Posies

Yes, we know it’s not officially Spring yet but let’s face it, here in Durbs winter isn’t really a thing. In anticipation of the up-coming new season, we’ve taken a sneak peek at the nine new fabrics that have joined Lou Harvey’s troupe of beautiful, bright and functional lifestyle accessories, and we’ve already started shopping!


Win with Pediasure

Children naturally have high energy requirements to support their growth and development, in addition to what they need for activity, sport and play time. If they do not get enough energy from food, they may become tired, irritable, and have poor concentration, losing their interest in being active. PediaSure® Complete is a nutrient-rich, lactose-free drink that provides balanced nutrition for children from age three to ten, experiencing growth challenges. Long-term clinical studies using two glasses of Pediasure® Complete daily has been associated with improved appetite and physical activity and a reduction in the number of sick days.


Airtushi – The Inflatable Travel Highchair

The Airtushi is an inflatable booster seat for kids. You can use it on planes, and attach it to almost any seat as a high chair.

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