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Little One

Little One

Hope is never lost.

An 84-minute South African drama directed by Darrell James Roodt, Little One is the story of Vuyelwa, a six-year-old girl left for dead in a field near a township in Johannesburg. She is found by a middle-aged woman, Pauline, who rushes her to hospital. After saving Vuyelwa’s life, Pauline learns that the little girl was been raped and her face badly beaten. To help Vuyelwa cope with the disfigurement, Pauline makes her a mask to cover Vuyelwa’s face.

Visiting Vuyelwa in hospital daily, Pauline becomes actively involved in the case, despite her husband’s protests. She begins her own investigation with the help of Detective Morena, a sympathetic policeman who is deeply affected by what has happened to this young child.

This is a story about ordinary people living day-to-day in a poverty-stricken environment where, despite the crime and tough living conditions, there is still hope and love to be found.

Cast includes Lindiwe Ndlovu, Mutodi Nesheshe, Nompumelelo Nyiyane, Luzoko Nqeto, Vicky Kente, Jonathan Taylor, Thami Baleka and Richard Lukunku.

The movie is released at Nu Metro Pavilion on 26 April.



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